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Have you ever wanted to make your own roguelike? I made this template project with everything you need to get a head start on your own web browser based online roguelike RPG game using JavaScript and HTML.

I've taken care of the annoying stuff so you can save hours of dev time and start with the groundwork of your roguelike game already laid. Things like title screens, menus, touch input, sound effects, mobile device testing and tileset graphics integration are already done for you.

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Included in the package is a minimal playable roguelike with source code, assets, sounds, screens, UI, and clear documentation to get you up and running quickly. There's also a series of screencasts showing you how to customize the boilerplate to make your own game. Everything is completely customizable so all you need to do is bring your ideas and start making.

I've had a lot of fun making games and playing them with my friends over the years, and I had a lot of fun building this boilerplate too. I hope you enjoy using it to make your game and play it with your friends, and I look forward to seeing your game!

What's included

  • A fully playable minimal graphical roguelike with source code.
  • A license to use it for a personal or commercial project.
  • Carefully commented index.html, style.css, and a short, readable JavaScript main.js that you can modify to customise to your game.
  • A 46 page PDF guide to building your game using the boilerplate.
  • Level generation, rooms, scenery, item boxes, inventory, and an example monster implementation.
  • Splash, start screen, credits, instructions, and settings screens, menus, pixel styled UIs, and instructions on how to change the look to make them your own.
  • Working win/lose condition and screens.
  • The ROT.js JavaScript Roguelike utility library integrated for commonly needed functionality.
  • A retro pixel tileset from kenney.nl with instructions on how to modify it or use your own graphics.
  • A retro pixel UI style from NES.css with instructions on how to modify it or use your own styles.
  • Sound effects generated from sfxr.me with instructions on how to change them.
  • Juicy game-like CSS animations.
  • Works on mobile devices and touch screens.
  • A YouTube tutorial walking you through how to edit everything (currently filming this!).
  • BONUS: pointers and tips to turn your game into a mobile & desktop binary for app stores
  • RBB is fully open source under the MIT license and you can find the code on GitHub.

Demo games

You can play these games which were made with this boilerplate to get an idea of what kind of game you can make with it.

Video tutorial screencasts

You can check out this YouTube playlist of tutorial screencasts explaining how to use the boilerplate to make your own Roguelike game in a step-by-step way. Here's a list of the episodes included:


Please Note:

This boilerplate is a working game but it does require some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript if you want to customize it, or a willingness to learn these technologies. If you need help learning there is a YouTube screencast series (currently filming!) which you can follow along with.

Web app templates are often priced in the $20 - $1000 range, and I wanted to make this accessible to roguelike game developers like myself at a reasonable price. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase please make contact and you will get a full refund.

ROT.js kenney.nlNES.css

PS Don't forget to bookmark this page for the 7 Day Roguelike competition!

PPS Looking for a book on Roguelike development using Javascript? Check out Roguelike Development with JavaScript.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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