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New Code Release of the Roguelike Boilerplate
Over the past few weeks I’ve been working hard on updates to the roguelike browser boilerplate . Most of these changes are new functionality I created when de...
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Minimum Viable Roguelike Tiles
Lately I’ve been doodling some hand-drawn 2.5D tiles for Roguelike games. Here’s a page from my sketch book to give you an idea of the vector style I’m go...
Update with some fixes and improvements
Things updated in this release: Reset map on init. Prevent screen from scrolling on down key. Fixed a bug with item collection check. New helper functions takeF...
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Made a gamejam game with RBB
Last weekend I did a gamejam with this boilerplate and made a new game called Central Park Nanotech Warlex ...
Screencast: how to customize the tileset graphics
I put up a new tutorial screencast showing you how to customize the tileset graphics. There is also a playlist with all of the screencasts published so far. Enj...
Launch day hooray!
Hooray, its launch day! I've had so much fun making this roguelike template project and I hope you will have as much fun making your roguelike games with it usi...
A walkthrough of the game
I made a new video with walkthrough of the default game that comes with the boilerplate to give you an idea of what you need to customise...
Getting ready for release
Very excited to be putting the finishing touches on this project. Today I made the last bugfixes and final updates, getting it ready for release: * Make toast...
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If you have a question about how to use the boilerplate, please post it here.
started by chr15m Aug 19, 2020
21 replies
If you've made a game with RBB go ahead and list it here!
started by chr15m Aug 19, 2020
8 replies
Hello, and welcome to the Roguelike Browser Boilerplate community. Feel free to share your game or ask a question. There...
started by chr15m Aug 15, 2020
No replies yet
hi, i just have paypal can by this asset's please.
started by liangxie Aug 27, 2022
2 replies
Hello there! Would it be possible with this boilerplate code to generate levels deterministically? I have a 65 character...
started by MishaBoar Jan 04, 2022
2 replies
My main.js file is getting pretty big, is there a way to split this into multiple files? I tried exporting and importing...
started by Hedges Apr 27, 2021
2 replies
Hi, it said your bundle includes a 46 page pdf on how to customize the game, however I don't see anything like that. The...
started by rogl Apr 08, 2021
2 replies