A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A fresh dungeon each day with one chance to win!

👉 rogule.com 👈

Use the arrow keys to move.

Move over items and 👻 monsters to interact.

Search for  🍄 items and collect them all.

Get to the shrine ⛩ to ascend and win the game.

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Notes for 7DRL reviewers

  1. Please download rogule.zip and run it on your own computer as the main website will be updated after the jam.
  2. If you want to do multiple runs for testing you can append a querystring to the URL like game.html?hello to generate a new dungeon (also note that "hello" itself is a particularly difficult dungeon lol).

Thank you very much for reviewing my game. Enjoy!


rogule.zip 233 kB


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Really neat little game, I wish I could play it more than once! I'm not sure I understand what the items do though?

Hey thanks for trying it out. The items don’t do anything yet, they’re just for collecting. I am planning on adding more useful items soon. You can play again tomorrow! :D

Perfect use of emoji for a game that is as exactly as simple and short as it needs to be. Great idea, well-executed!

Thank you Devin, and thanks for trying it out.